Senior Travel Service, Inc.

Group Leaders

Do you plan your own tours, but need a motor coach?
No problem! You can charter one of our Comfort Coach buses for any of your events or trips.

  • Custom Tour Packages

We can help put your trip together. With groups of 30 or more we can customize any tour to any destination that you would like to visit.

Want to see a show and have dinner in New York City? We can get your show tickets and take care of the dinner reservations so all you have to do is board the Comfort Coach and enjoy your day. No matter what kind of trip your group is interested in, we can help you plan and book it. Give us a call or use our online form to request a quote, and one of our friendly Tour Planners will get in touch with you with all the information you need. We'll even make the flyers for you to help advertise and fill up your group trip. Visit our Contact Us page to get started!

  • Group Leader Incentives

As a Group Leader, you deserve a reward for all the work you do on your end to get your trips filled. At Senior Travel Service we understand and have generous reward packages for tours that we schedule. Want to have your trip free? How about a free dinner too? Ask us how you can travel for free on our tours that we plan for you.

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